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Do you think that in your life, you have had some amazing and exciting adventures that you would like to share with the world or even want to preserve for your future generations? How about you gather all your real-life stories into a book? We know that you might wonder that you are not a writer so that a book might sound a little too much for you; well, that’s what we are here for. We will connect you with a professional and expert real life book ghost writer that will help you put the right words to your story and tell it in a way that is perfect and precise! We want to make sure that the world gets to know you through your story and our goal is to give your story a new and compelling narrative!
Since you have lived these experiences and it’s your life, you will be the one telling it, but we would make sure that your narrative is strong and enjoyable for the readers. Our expert real life book ghost writer has the skills and talents to write your story filled with all different emotions to make sure that your readers connect with you and your life!

Why You Must Get Your Real-Life Story Preserved!

Getting your real-life story written is something that you must think about. It is a chance for you to get your story shared with the world and make your mark in the long run. The truth is no matter how fulfilled our lives must be or how great our experience would be, our memories fade away. Sitting with your grandmother and hearing her stories of how she lived her life in an era where mobile phones were never a thing, doesn’t that make you ecstatic? So, would you not want your grandchildren and their children to know your life story as well? So, even if not for the world but for them, you must preserve your story with our real life book ghost writer so that they know where they belong!
Moreover, who knows, your life story might end up inspiring the people who read it. It could be your experiences that they could relate to and learn from the mistakes you made and the decisions you took. So, whatever recollections you have of your life, gather them together to form a book and tell the readers that, yes, life could be chaotic, but in the end, it all gets together for good. Your life could be an inspiration they could look up to. Also, it might also be good for you to take a back ride to your life and enjoy it all again with your memories!

Our Simple Process Makes Things Easier For You!

We understand that when you decide to create a real-life storybook based on your life, it could be hectic. It requires you to take a ride back to your past, and it might trigger some of the dark experiences. Moreover, there are chances that writing about yourself might not bring you the right words you need! Well, that’s why they say to get a professional to help. Aston ghostwriters bring you professional and experienced real life story ghost writer that works with you with a simple process and make things easier for you;
Let us take you through our approach to real-life stories;
Step 1. Interviews with the Clients
  • Since this is your story, you need to be the storyteller for us to become yours in the world. We have a thorough interview session, or sometimes more than one, based on the requirements of the client. In this interview, we make you connect with our real life story ghost writer assigned to your project that asks you all the details they would need to formulate your book. Tell every detail of your life that you want to add to your book so that it turns out amazing. Most of our clients explain our interviews as a healing session because they get to address their life experiences once again and get the closure they needed!
Step 2. Writing the Story
  • Once we get your interview and you have told us all about your life, our real life book ghost writer starts to work on your project and get to the writing. With the correct words matched with the emotions you feel and the experiences you have, our ghostwriters aim to catch the moments as you have lived them. We want to make your readers feel what you must have and connect with your life through your story.
Step 3. Feedback and Delivery
  • Once we deliver you the first draft of your real-life storybook, we wait for your feedback to make sure that the book is exactly as you wanted. We then work on your feedback and make changes as per your requirements and then move to the final delivery! It is that simple, and we want to make it even simpler for you by making sure that your book is well-formatted and well-organized!

Get in touch today with our team of professional real-life story ghostwriters and get your story told to the world with the perfect narrative!

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