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Has your imaginative mind brought you to us? Well, then, you are at the right place because whatever you have in your mind, our fiction ghostwriter will definitely catch that and turn it into a best-selling story for you. They say all it takes to write a good book is a great idea for a story, and well, we do agree at some levels. Becoming an author requires you to have an amazing idea of what you want to right, especially when it is fiction. But there are a few more things that you would need to make sure that the idea you have gets to the world, and the most important one is being a good writer. While anyone can have a brilliant idea for a fiction novel, not everyone is a writer. So, there, enter Aston Ghostwriters with their impeccable and extraordinary fiction ghostwriting services!
We have a team of some brilliant fiction ghost writers for hire that can help you write the best fiction novel you would see. Our fiction ghostwriter will jump right into your mind and, with their excellent choice of words, will create a fiction story that not just you but your audience will love. We have the creativity that is required to boost up your idea, and we are ready to go all in! Connect with us now, and let’s get started working on your fascinating fiction tale right away!

We Own the Art of Ghostwriting Fiction Books

Writing a fiction book is very much different from writing non-fiction ones because here, you are telling a story that is coming from someone’s imagination. Here, the fiction ghostwriter working on your idea needs to create a plot to bring the reader to the same level of imagination as you are; they need to feel the emotions throughout the story. Well, that’s only going to happen when the fiction ghostwriting service you have opted for has a writer that could feel your emotions as you do.
At Aston Ghostwriters, our fiction ghostwriters for hire are experienced and have been delivering the best fiction series to hundreds of our clients. They know how to incorporate the right emotions at the right time. Whether there’s a sentimental scene in your story or a thrilling adventure, our fiction ghostwriter knows how to add the right twist and to what intensity. Our goal is to make sure that your reader experiences the same excitement, thrill, curiosity, and warmth that you felt while telling us your fiction story. We want them to connect with the characters in your story and get their minds onto them! And well, we deliver what we say!

We Provide Fiction Ghostwriting Services for All Types of Fiction Genres!

While fiction is a genre for books and stories, it has a few more sub-genres of its own. There are a few different areas in fiction ghostwriting based on the theme of your story. At our fiction ghostwriting service, we provide you an opportunity to get any genre you have in mind gets written with no hassle. We have fiction ghostwriters that have expertise in all fiction genres and can help you write the book you desire. Here are a few of the most popular fiction genres that our fiction ghostwriters for hire can work on;
Romance Fiction
  • If you want to know the most popular genre for a fiction story, it has got to be romance fiction. Everyone loves to read a romantic love story with twists and turns and their own happy and sad moments. It gives the audience the connection they look for in a book, and when the book is written with emotions and excitement, there are definitely chances that the audience start to vouch for both lovers.
    True romance fiction gets the audience to obsess over the story of how two lovers met and had to face loads of struggles and obstacles to get their happily ever after. You might think that this idea is too old for this world, but guess what? It is not! People still love themselves good romance fiction, but obviously, the writer has to improvise to make it relatable to people of this age. So, if you have a heartwarming romantic story in mind, bring it to us and let our expert fiction ghostwriter help you build a best-seller out of it!
Adventure and Thrill
  • While romance fiction is the most popular fiction genre among the audience, the next on the list is the genre that surrounds adventure and thrill. This genre includes a rollercoaster ride you want to take your readers on that includes numerous adventures, a lot of thrill, and a major element of suspense. The goal here is to build a hero, i.e., the main character of your novel, and show their adventures that finally led them to save the day!
    Here, fiction ghostwriting is focused on building curiosity among the readers, and that’s what we aim to provide to you!
Science Fiction
  • What do you think of star trek? Do you not love it? Well, that’s the best example we have of science fiction. When we hear the word science fiction, our mind directly goes toward something out of this world. So, if you have a mind that thinks beyond this world, connect with us, and let us get that science fiction book started for you! It is all about innovation; tell us whatever you have in mind, whether it is about the future or some extremely powerful high-tech; we are all ears for your ideas!

So, how about you start gathering up all your fictional imagination and bring your ideas to us? We are ready with our fiction ghostwriter to provide you with the best service!


Q.1 ) How much does a fiction ghostwriter cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of a fiction ghostwriter can vary depending on a number of factors, including the length of the book, the complexity of the project, the experience and qualifications of the ghostwriter, and the amount of research and work involved. That being said, fiction ghostwriters may charge anywhere from a 1000$ to 10,000$ for their services. It is important to shop around and get quotes from several different ghostwriters to get a sense of the going rate.

Q.4 ) Do fiction authors use ghostwriters?

Yes, it is not uncommon for fiction authors to use ghostwriters, either to help them write their books or to write entire books on their behalf. Ghostwriters can be hired to write books in a variety of genres, including romance, mystery, science fiction, and more. Some authors may use ghostwriters to help them with specific aspects of their writing, such as plot development or character creation, while others may hire ghostwriters to write the entire book from start to finish. In some cases, authors may choose to work with ghostwriters because they do not have the time or energy to write a book themselves, or because they do not have the necessary writing skills. In other cases, authors may use ghostwriters to help them build their writing careers or to write under a pseudonym.

Q.2 ) How do I find a ghostwriter for fiction?

There are several ways you can find a ghostwriter for your fiction project: Ask for recommendations from other writers, literary agents, or industry professionals.
  1. Search online directories of ghostwriters, such as the Ghostwriters Guild or the Association of Ghostwriters.
  2. Attend writing conferences or workshops, where you may be able to meet and network with ghostwriters.
  3. Place an ad or job posting on a freelance job board, such as Upwork or
  4. Reach out to writing groups or organizations, such as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and ask if they can refer you to any experienced fiction ghostwriters.
  5. When searching for a ghostwriter, it is important to do your research and carefully consider their experience, skills, and style to ensure they are the right fit for your project. You should also be prepared to discuss your project in detail and provide a clear outline or summary to help the ghostwriter understand your vision and give you an accurate quote.

Q.5 ) How Long Does It Take To Write A Fiction Book?

The length of time it takes to write a fiction book can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the length of the book, the complexity of the plot and characters, the amount of research involved, and the writing habits and schedules of the author. Some writers may be able to complete a full-length novel in a few months, while others may take several years to write a book. On average, most writers can expect to spend at least several months to a year writing a full-length fiction book. However, it is important to remember that writing a book is a major undertaking and that it is normal for it to take a significant amount of time.

Q.3 ) What is a fiction ghostwriter?

A fiction ghostwriter is a professional writer who is hired to write books, stories, or other written works on behalf of another person, who will be credited as the author. The ghostwriter works with the credited author to produce a finished product that is ready for publication, but the ghostwriter does not receive public recognition for the work. Ghostwriters are often hired when an author does not have the time, skills, or resources to write a book or other work themselves, or when an author wants to write a book but does not have a strong track record or platform as a writer. Ghostwriters can also be hired to write fiction under a pseudonym, or “pen name,” for the credited author.


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