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Why Do You Need to Hire A Book Cover Designer?

While we are sure your grandparents must have told you never to judge a book by its cover, you must know that when you enter the publishing world, this statement is reversed. Whenever a reader is selecting a book for their next read, they always judge it by the cover, and then the reviews all come in. But the first impression is always made by the cover of your book. So, once you are done with your book and are willing to get it published, you need to take a middle step, and that is to hire book cover designers to get your book its face!
Book cover designs are an extremely important part of your publishing process, and you can’t ignore that because this would have an impact on your book’s sales. So, you must contact the best book cover design services today to ensure you cover that area well. Our team of professional book cover designers for hire have a unique and creative style for designing your book covers to make sure that they create their own mark! We aim to work on your covers by understanding your vision for the book and creating something beautiful out of it. Connect with us and let our creative work for you!

A Team of Exceptional Book Cover Designers at Your Service!

At Aston Ghostwriters, we make our clients choose us again. We provide them with the book cover design services that make their books shine in the crowd;
Appeal Your Audience
  • Hire book cover designers from us because our team is composed of individuals with experience and expertise in designing book covers for all genres. They have immense knowledge and a great sense of creativity that they use to make sure that your book receives the most views. They use their expertise to make your book cover as appealing as they can be based on the vision you have!
Guidance on Practical Implications
  • While designing amazing graphic visuals covers most of the part of your book cover design services, there are also some practical implications that you must be aware of. Our professional book cover designers for hire help you with that as well. This includes making a book cover that could also be easily converted in the print version and a thumbnail that could appeal to your audience and bring you views!
A Design Right Out of Your Mind
  • We believe that no one has a better vision for a book than the author himself. Surely, if you have written the book, you would also have a great idea for a cover that you want to represent it. So, instead of forcing our own ideas on our clients, we like to hear what they have in mind and then use our expertise to cultivate that idea into an appealing and trendy book cover design! So, let us know what you have in your imagination, and we will create something exactly like it!

How do Our Book Cover Design Services Work at Aston Ghostwriters?

You might think that hiring a service might bring you a tough and lengthy process, but that’s not the case with us. For us, bringing you ease and satisfaction is most important. So, our process of getting your book cover designed is pretty simpler compared to the other services you might come across. To simply define that, you give your input, we process that with our creativity, and then comes the output that you have been dreaming about!
You have two options to get connected with us, either you give us a call, or you fill out a form on our website with your details, and our representative will connect with you. To get yourself a quote for your book cover, all you need to do is let us know a few details about what you have in mind. This includes the book’s trim size, the style you want, binding style, design preferences, and a description of the aesthetics you want to cover.
Once we have these details, our professional book cover designers will provide you with a quote based on that, which we assure you will be highly reasonable! We don’t want you to worry about spending fortunes on your cover, so, don’t worry, we are quite reasonable in terms of money!
You can also give us some images for reference if you have any, or else our designers will use their creativity based on your instructions. We provide you with the first draft and offer you free revisions to make sure that the final one is the one that you love!
Lastly, when all is approved, we deliver you your very own custom book cover, and you can finally get your book to be published!

In our journey, we have served hundreds of authors with some amazing book cover design services, and now their books are acknowledged by thousands of readers. So, if you want to be the next author whose book cover we design, call us now!


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